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The pruning of the fruit trees starts in October. Pruning is the base for the new crop of apples and pears in September. Overflowing boughs are removed. This ensures there is enough light in the trees. To less of light can be have an adverse effect on the fruit trees. Also overweight, old and diseased boughs are removed. On this way the grower tries to have an optimal production. Pruning is usually finish around April. When the fruit trees growing too fast in the spring there roots will be cut mechanically with a knife. This method gives the tree less power and inhibited in growth.

The tree blossoms in the spring. The blossom cannot stand heavy night frost. When there is night frost the fruit trees are over watered. The blossom is trapped in a bubble with ice around it. Because of the transition of water to ice, solidification heat is released. This process ensures the temperature is exactly 0 degrees. The pollination is done through bees and the wind. Usually different varieties are planted together to have a good pollination. Vogelaar Fruitcultures trying to grow environmentally through an effective crop protection and metered supply of fertilizers.

Before the crop in August/September the fruit trees are thinned. This means small, bad and the excess of fruit are removed manually of the tree. The plant put his energy into the remainder good fruits. By extreme hot weather the fruit is also watered. Water gives the tree required water and cools the fruit off. This reduces the risk of sun burn on leaf and fruits. Before the crop the fruit is analysed on quality, pressure and brix. Based on this data the picking date and shelf life of the fruit is set. Late June or early August (depends per season) the first spring varieties are harvested. The fruit must be picked gently and careful in bins of 300 to 400 kilo. Then the full bins are transported from the orchard to the cold stores. In top production we are processing 200 tons of fruit per day.

Vogelaar Fruitcultures is GlobalGAP and Tesco Nurture Choice certified.