Oude Rijksweg 10A - 4413 NK - Krabbendijke
T: +31(0)113503183 - F: +31(0)113503016 - E: info@fruvo.nl


Fruvo B.V. is a company that deals with cooling, sorting and trading of top fruit (apples and pears). The company is located in Krabbendijke in the south west of The Netherlands. We have an own production company (Vogelaar Fruitcultures) and moreover we are cooling, sorting, packing and trading for other fruit growers. For this purpose Fruvo B.V. has modern sorting and packaging systems. The company has more than 7 milion kilo conditioned storage.


Vogelaar Fruitcultures deals with the cultivation and production of apples and pears. In addition Vogelaar Fruitcultures cultivate fruit trees on its own nursery. The total surface for these activities is 150 hectares.


Theodoor and Leendert Vogelaar started in 1932 the agriculture company Vredehof. After several years the agriculture company changes more and more into a fruit company. After the World War II they decided to plant the entire company with apple and pear trees. Nowadays the cultivation company is called Vogelaar Fruitcultures. In 1991 Fruvo (Fruit Vogelaar) B.V. is founded with the purpose to cool, sort, pack and trade the self-grown fruit. These companies were continued in 2000 by Martijn Vogelaar, son of Theo Vogelaar.


Fruit trees of different varieties apples and pears are grown in the nursery of Vogelaar Fruitcultures. Also new varieties such as the Earlybrae are developed here. The grown fruit trees are also sold to various buyers. The rootstocks are purchased by external companies. First a graft … Continue reading..


The fruit is stored in conditioned storage to deliver the fruit all the year round. For short-term storage mechanically cold stores are used. This means the temperature is lowered. For long storge ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) cold stores are used. In these ULO cold stores the … Continue reading..


Before the fruit is delivered to customers it is sorted by size (on the mm accurately), color and quality. For the sorthing of the fruit we use 2 advanced computerized sorting machines. The final quality control is done by the staff in the hall. We processing approximately 50 tons of fruit per day. The apples and pears are packed to … Continue reading..

Vandaag en morgen staan we met de Zuver fruitsappen op de foodexpo, dé vakbeurs voor horeca, recreatie en toerisme!